Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cuddle Bugs

The girls have been really sweet recently, especially with each other! Good timing, since we've been stuck inside a lot due to the weather and some illness =)

Little cuddle bugs

Best way to watch TV 

A few weeks ago Noelle and I did something very special together, we went to Noelle's first movie. She absolutely LOVED it. We saw Frozen, a story about two sister princesses. It was perfect for her. She sat very nicely on my lap for the whole movie (the gummy bears didn't hurt matters). As soon as the credits appeared she jumped up, put her arms over her head and yelled "Let's get ice cream!" at the top of her voice; had everyone around us in stitches =)

After movie treat

Cora's dairy consumption has been mostly yogurt recently, which she prefers to eat on her own. Hand, spoon, who really cares?

As long as it gets in the mouth, we're all good

Also, we have hit the 'tea party' phase with Noelle (and by default, Cora). We're having tea parties everywhere and anywhere. Of course by 'tea' we mean 'milk' and by 'party' we mean 'eating in normally off-limits locations'.

Nursery room floor; perfect snack location

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