Friday, February 14, 2014

Remodel Underway: One room done!

Recovery from the great heater pipe burst of 2014 is finally underway! The contractor, Gifted Hands Contracting, has been in the house about a week and has already completed the basement room. Here's a quick before/after:

All dried out & ready for work

Now that looks better!

In addition to correcting the water damage, we had some nice improvements put in. The overhead light is new (why the original owners never installed one baffles me) and the ledge under the window is now a nice dark stain instead of the original white. We're quite please with the work! More pictures, as well as info on the contractor if any local folks are interested, can be found here: pics.

Work has now shifted to installing hardwood floors in the living room (in place of the icky carpet that was there). We're excited things are moving along =)

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