Thursday, March 6, 2014

Busy Week Highlights

Despite the frigid temperatures, we continue to manage to entertain ourselves. Fortunately, the forecast shows that we're due for a little relief. Even weather in the 20s and 30s would be wonderful; allowing for some outdoor play!

Every Tuesday we go to the Sciencenter for their toddler story time and craft. The girls really enjoy this activity and even Cora gets 'down and dirty' with whatever the craft is. It's surprising how much earlier, than Noelle, Cora is interacting with others and involving herself in activities. It must really help having an older sister to watch!

Story Time

Being so active does have it's drawbacks though; for one it makes you tired! Cora is usually passed-out by the time we get home and goes straight to the crib for nap.

Just take my coat off, I won't care

Then, of course, Cora wakes up from nap before Noelle and wants to do something. Yesterday, she was desperate to play outside; even though it was 15 degrees. She was so insistent; she brought me her coat and shoes and literally screamed until I let her put them on! So, I bundled her up and sent her out on the porch. She lasted about 20 minutes; longer then I would have thought!

Cold is relative. I need fresh air!

Now that the kitchen is more or less back together I have been doing some organizing. I've gathered a lot of arts and crafts supplies to occupy the girls and had the bright idea of storing them on some low shelves. That worked wonderfully.

Really, Mom, what did you expect?

The highlight of the week, though, came this morning. Both girls have been having trouble sleeping recently (teething for Cora and nightmares for Noelle). So, it was a big surprise this morning when I woke up myself at 7:15am and not earlier to someone screaming. In fact, I heard the girls laughing in their room. I tiptoed over there and found Noelle half way through dressing her sister, including a clean diaper!

Noelle is definitely ready to help with her baby brother!

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  1. That last photo is so absurdly cute and hilarious! These two will make a great team to help Mommy!