Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Water Damage Recovery Complete

Finally, we have our house back! In January we had a baseboard heater pipe freeze and burst in the living room, causing a surprising amount of water damage. It was a blessing-in-disguise, though, because there were several changes we were wanting to make to the house and this lit a fire under the project.

I'll share a few before-after photos. The before pictures are the listing pictures from when we bought the house. It's fun to see how the house has not only improved, but become our own over the last year. There are, of course, more changes to be made. We finally feel 'settled' in the home, though. Good timing, since we're about to enter the crazy newborn months again!

Living Room: good bye carpet, hello floor

Kitchen: will NOT miss those white cabinet doors!

Kitchen: again, so much better =)

Porch: second-story toddler death trap to safe playroom

Old office to New Nursery

Guest Room/Office

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  1. Looks fabulous! Nice work! You had me at death trap.