Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sister Love

Little Dylan is two weeks old; still enjoying the eat/sleep/cry cycle of newborn life. Soon, though, we'll get more awake, alert time with our little man.

Enjoying a nap next to Mommy

It's fairly tough for Dylan to get his rest while the girls are around; he is in very real danger of being smothered by them =) The novelty of having a baby around will likely wear off eventually, but that time has not yet arrived!

Loving on the baby

Baby kisses

Meanwhile, friends have been taking very good care of us. I don't think I'll have to cook a dinner for Dylan's whole first month.
Enjoying some homemade cinnamon bread... not made by me =)

All of this help makes it possible for us to just focus on having fun and cuddling with the baby. THANK YOU friends!

Bubble fun

Hanging out on the bed

Evening TV & Cuddle Time =)

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