Sunday, June 29, 2014

Awesome Summer Weekend

We hit summer mode this weekend head on! I don't think we could have fit in more fun in the sun if we tried.

Saturday afternoon Noelle and I headed to the Ithaca Children's Garden to celebrate International Mud Day. My expectations were far exceeded. Every kid should get this dirty once in a while!

Soaking in the Mud Pool

Refueling for more dirty fun!

That evening we headed to the Ithaca Beer Company for dinner. They have regular indoor and outdoor restaurant seating. You can also camp out at the picnic tables; a perfect option with lots of kiddos.

Dinner with a view

Sunday morning we headed to Taughannock Falls State Park for some hiking and playground fun.

The hike back to the waterfall is about a mile and is shaded almost the whole way; perfect!

Enjoying the trail

215 ft drop!

Just across the street from the waterfall is the lakefront park; a perfect play and picnic location.

Having some fun

Baby Smiles!

Finally, the girls and I made an ice cream run to cool off this afternoon. 


Now, if we could just get everyone to fall asleep =)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Little Fairy

Last weekend Noelle had her first 'real' dance recital complete with a dress rehearsal. There was no stage fright this time; she loved it =)

Striking a Pose

Cora was a huge fan of the recital, too. Every time a dance ended she clapped and yelled 'more!?'. She did get a little upset when Noelle ran off stage, though. Cora wanted to go with her!

Monday morning Cora, Dylan and I had a wonderful park outing consisting of three hours around the waterfront trail. Hopefully we'll have many more such outings.

At one of our playground stops

Chillin' in the stroller

Little Dylan is already two months old; hard to believe. I visited a friend with a newborn on Wednesday and was shocked at how much bigger Dylan is than her boy. At his appointment the morning he weighed in at 15lbs 2oz!

Our 'little' guy

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

We spent Father's Day out and about in the lovely weather. We went to a waterfront park and played and walked until everyone was ready for a nap!

Snack in the Ithaca Childrens' Garden

Feeding the Geese!

Dylan snoozing in the Ergo

A few highlights from the rest of our week:
Dylan, now 8 weeks, had his first bottle yesterday; 3 oz of formula. Now, I had to be the one to give it to him of course, but one step at a time. My freedom to leave the house for more than an hour is imminent =)

Mmmm, formula is good, too!

The Sciencenter has a new exhibit; a scream chamber. It's a genius idea, put the kids inside and let them scream as loud as they like =)

Noelle drew a wonderful likeness of herself and me.

I'm the one on the left =)

Finally, we're still getting our fill of sibling cuddle time.

Calm before the storm*

* 5 seconds later Cora bit Dylan's hand and all heck broke loose.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Grandma & Grandpa Visit

This weekend Grandma and Grandpa Brock came to spoil the girls and meet Dylan. Much fun was had by all!

Exploring the jungle

Learning about stars

Resting up

This weekend was also Ithaca Fest - our annual street fair. We all had a good time there.

Relaxing in the shade

The highlight of the weekend was Noelle's first dance recital. Poor girl was so excited to do it, but became a 'deer in headlights' when the moment actually came. It was actually pretty darn funny. She'll get another chance to do her thing in a few weeks =)

After all if that fun, everyone was pretty tired this morning!

Sleeping late

We managed to find enough energy for a trip to the farmers market and relax at home.

Ithaca's Farmers Market (Alex and Noelle in there somewhere)

Hanging out on the porch