Saturday, July 12, 2014

6 Days & 5 Nights

The kids and I just managed our first week alone quite well. While Alex was off getting work done in sunny California we had our own fun in the sun. A little extra daycare helped me out and there was a lot of water fun in the mix.

What happens when Mom is busy with the baby

Bubbles in the bubble bath!

The girls were thrilled this afternoon when the surprise at lunch was Daddy; fresh from the airport. Then it was straight home for naps. Only two people actually fell asleep...

Recovering from the red eye

We are *trying* to be better about giving Dylan bottles every so often. It seems to be one too many things to remember since this afternoon's bottle was only his third, ha! 

After we gave up and put it down Cora decided to help out. Aww, cute. It reminded me of when Noelle helped with Cora's bottles. My, how fast things change!

Cora & Dylan (L), Noelle & Cora (R)

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