Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dylan is 3 Months Old!

Our 'newborn' isn't such a newborn anymore. Dylan is already three months old!

Starting to Play

He has officially entered the 'smiley' stage; when babies don't know a stranger and are happy to see every new face.

Old ladies love happy babies (@ our monthly nursing home visit)

Dylan is also adjusting well to being on the go so his sisters can get out. I can now navigate most outings fairly successfully with all three. My bar for public outbursts is necessarily a little lower, though!

Raspberry picking with the girls 

He seems much more aware of my presence than the girls were at his age. He wants to be held often (his right, of course) and wants me in his line of sight when he falls asleep. Perhaps this is because he knows he needs 'protection' from the girls =)

Dylan is definitely an 'easy' baby, though, and we feel very lucky with our little man.

I don't care that it's 85 degrees in here; hold me =)

If you get up I'll refuse to fall asleep! (1 min between photos)

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