Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dylan is Six Months Old?!

It seems like we just blinked our eyes and little Dylan went from newborn to playful, happy baby. Perhaps tomorrow I'll turn around and this little guy will be walking!

Dylan: months 0-3

Dylan: months 3-6

This little man is such a joy to have around. He 'goes with the flow' and really just takes things as they come. Dylan doesn't know a stranger (yet) and beams smiles at everyone he meets.

Especially heart-warming for me is how he seems to enjoy his sisters' company/entertainment/harassment. Yesterday, when they got home from daycare, they rushed to greet him and he met them with equal enthusiasm.

The kiddos enjoying each other

There is, of course, the odd moment of hair pulling (a baby has to defend his space a little)! The vast majority of the kids' interactions are very positive, though. I'm sure the drama (good and otherwise) will only increase as these guys grow!

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