Thursday, October 2, 2014

Noelle Turned Four!

I will be doing a flurry of post soon to catch up on my backlog of activities and pictures. Let me start with the most important:

Noelle Turned Four!

It is hard to imagine that we have already had four years with this wonderful little girl; and hard to imagine that we have been parents for four years!

From baby to little lady!
This is the first year that Noelle was old enough to be really excited that it was her birthday. We had a lot of fun planning and anticipating! 
Normally, I make a special-request cake but I was, well, busy this year. So, I took Noelle to Wegmans (local grocery store) and let her pick ANY cake she wanted. Noelle was in preschooler heaven as she browsed the cakes. cookies and cupcakes. Then she saw it; the largest chocolate cake on display, a Chocolate Chocolate Mouse Cake. Sold!

Dancing around the store post birthday-cake-selection. She chose well.

This little girl is such a sweetheart and we have so much fun with her!

Enjoying the good stuff at the farmers' market

Such a sweet sister

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