Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dylan & Lindsey's Trip

Dylan and I had a wonderful week together. He is *such* a good baby. I don't think I really noticed just how good he is because I'm so busy in general. Hanging out with just Dylan, though, was pretty great!

First ride on the BART

Dylan took each new experience in stride. He was great on the airplanes and loved the train. He was playing too fast for the iPhone shutter speed!

I dropped him at daycare for a 'test' visit while I checked into the hotel and stocked the mini-fridge with food (no dinners out this trip). He did so well I even had time for a run along the bay:

Awesome and relaxing

Dylan was staying with the daycare provider we used when Noelle was little. The sitter was happy to have another one of our babies for a bit and Dylan loved playing with her and the other babies.

We never switched our sleep to the new time zone (3-3:30 am wake-up anyone?), but that was okay. I got to really enjoy some quality playtime with Dylan before heading to work each day.

Who knew hotels were so fun?

The girls and I missed each other, of course, but they really missed Dylan. The kiddos had several Skype conversations where Alex and I were relegated to the role of camera holders.

The siblings chatting it up

The girls sang Dylan songs and pretended to tickle him. He pounded the computer a lot, much to their amusement.

Now we're home and rested; ready to start a 'normal' week.

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