Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday Season!

With Thanksgiving come and gone we're officially deep into holiday season. We're enjoying all of the crafts, visits, food and (mildly annoying) music that comes with it!

The girls are into all of the food prep. They have been exceptional helpers and, more importantly, tasters.

Mmmm... Yep, it's good

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. Grandma & Grandpa Hayes and Uncle Billy made a trip from Long Island to visit.

Hanging Out

There was some quality cuddle time watching holiday cartoons, too. Much more of this to come over the next month, I'm sure!

Very comfy!

Off topic and just for fun, I'll share a picture I grabbed off Alex's phone yesterday. The unread text messages is a lot (62), unviewed phone calls concerning (20), but the unread email is just simply insane (82 thousand)!?!

Ahem... Something is wrong here

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