Monday, November 17, 2014

Week with the Kiddos

Last week Alex was out of town. We all missed him but we made the best of it with as much fun as we could.

We started the week off right with brunch on Sunday morning. Dylan slept and the girls behaved marvelously. It was one of those lucky, magical outings!

Strawberry Pancakes!

Dylan enjoyed the baby toys at the 'bounce house' place

This was one of those weeks with crazy temperature swings. Tuesday we were all out doors enjoying what very well may have been our last warm fall afternoon.

Soaking in the sun

Late afternoon swing*

Predictably, the weather then turned cooler and we headed indoors for some fun. Dylan capitalized on the opportunity to try and perfect his crawling skills. I am *not* excited about this. Life is so much easier when the baby is more or less confined =) He sure is cute, and determined, though!

I think I can; I think I can!

Man, that's hard work!

  When Daddy came home he brought Noelle perhaps the best present ever; Snow White!**

Beautiful Princess

Noelle was so excited about this dress. She wanted us to take her to extra places just so more people could admire it!

Now we're in for an unusual week. Dylan and I are in the Bay Area for my work and Alex is holding down the home front with the girls. I'm sure we'll all have stories to tell about this week.

* Sometimes they play so well together!
** Gotta love those after Halloween costume sales!

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