Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hello, Handsome!

Everyone had some great 'personality' moments this week.

Dylan was thrilled to 'meet' himself in a mirror at Sciencenter. 

Hello Mr. Handsome!

This kept him entertained for several minutes. That is exceptional since he learned to crawl this week and now cannot be stopped. He's already climbing stairs! 

Ms. Cora continues to enjoy independence in her food selection. One evening I had the audacity to serve her cheese ravioli. Gasp! She took one look at it, shoved it to the middle of the table with a shout of 'me no like it!', and helped herself to yogurt.

Very pleased with her selection

Meanwhile, Noelle is four going on sixteen. I don't think she could be more excited about Dylan's little car.


Monday, December 8, 2014


A few months ago Cora started helping herself to the fruit bowl. This was a great step for her; increased independence! It wasn't as great for me or the house. I kept finding half-eaten fruit all over the place. Ick.

This week she made another huge improvement:

That's better, right?

Aside from this celebration-worthy advancement the week was fairly mundane. We checked out the story time at the local library. The kids, at least, were riveted:

Three kiddos in a row

We more than met the weekly quota for cuteness.

Saving time on the baths 

(Yes, that is how many bath toys I give them. One bowl that I use to wash their hair. Arguments over the end of bath time have tapered off exponentially.)

Really? I have to wear this inside, too?

Cora claimed the title as the first sister to decorate the baby. He makes a great goddess, huh?

Dylan taking it in stride

When Dad made it back in town we closed out the week with some 'quality' time at his office.

Dora is captivating no matter where you watch her!

This is a funny picture to me. When I was an undergraduate this very room was my advisor's office. It's a little space/time conflict to see my family hanging out there now!

Random picture of the week:

Wegmans ducks

That mallard is double the size of the other males and has that odd white patch. Is it possible to have a duck/goose hybrid?