Saturday, January 10, 2015

Static Electricity

A few weeks ago at the Sciencenter the girls and I saw a demonstration in electricity. This was very exciting for them!

Noelle was even brave enough to try touching the Van de Graaff generator.

Fly aways?!?

Unfortunately, Cora wasn't up for it. Her hair is the perfect length and fineness for static electricity though. Look at theses pictures from Tot Spot!

Queen of the static

Hair Halo!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Holiday Sweets

There were many great things about the 2015 holiday season; several posts will be needed to catch up. First, I'll start with the girls' favorite: treats, treats and more treats!

The first round of cookie decorating was a huge sugar party at our place. We had 15 or so kids over to do some serious decorating.

So focused on the sugar!

Cookie decorating continued later in the week with *free* decorating at our public library. What a great program. I heart our library!

Sooooo much frosting Noelle couldn't eat the whole thing!

Then, we completed the multi-day sugarfest that is our homemade gingerbread house. This is the first year that both girls were really into the project and that made it a lot of fun.

The many stages of construction

Beautiful enough to eat!

The best part of the gingerbread house is eating it, of course. Much fun was had by all in the following week, breaking the house apart piece by piece!