Wednesday, August 19, 2015

July 2015

Summer fun hit full stride in July with the Danby Fun Day. This is a little 'parade' our town puts on consisting of the town fire trucks and local residents' old cars. It reminds me of the small-town Midwestern parades I attended as a child.

For our kids' ages, this activity was absolutely perfect. Everyone in the parade threw candy so the littles could not have been more thrilled! The parade was followed by small carnival games and a cookout; fantastic!

All set for the parade

Getting a better view (and harassing Dad)

Enjoying the post-parade goodies

Our little fire fighter

We also started doing one of our favorite activities again; visiting wineries! Here we are set up at Sheldrake Point, one of our go-to spots with the kids. They have an outdoor grassy area where we can set the kids up with a picnic and enjoy a bottle of wine in relative peace... not a bad outing at all!

Picnic with a view

Our final outdoor adventure in July was our first visit to Seneca Lake State Park. The primary draw to this park, about an hour from our home, is the fantastic spray park installed there. Even Dylan, who isn't walking yet, could get in on the fun and essentially had to be dragged away when it was time to go!



Where shall I go next?

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