Monday, August 17, 2015

June 2015

June was such a fun-filled month that it's hard to know where to start!

While the other kids are in daycare and extra day, Noelle and I started spending some special one-on-one time together. I wanted to really enjoy some time with her since she's going off to school in the fall. Plus, there are several fun things we can do alone that are tough with the little two around.

For example, we have been going on some wonderful hikes in the area. One of our favorites is to hike up Cascadilla Gorge, eat a snack at College Town Bagels, and then hike back down. We have been calling these 'Noelle & Mommy' days and we both look forward to them!

Loving the trail...

...but the snacks are even better! 

In addition to planned activities, much random fun went on in June.
Lots of water play,

sibling love,

and general shenanigans filled our days. 

The real highlight of June, however, was a trip to Wisconsin for Uncle David's wedding. My brother married this lovely woman, Kim, much to our family's happiness:
Rehearsal Dinner

Siblings: Stacy, Lindsey & David

The girls, along with Dave & Kim's niece Nora, were flower girls in the wedding. They were beyond thrilled to fulfill this important duty (and attend the party afterwards!). Cora was so enthralled that she slept in her flower girl dress and, upon waking at 6am, insisted on being taken back to the party for more dancing!
Sorry, honey, the party is over!

The final excitement for the kids was a trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo. Also a favorite from my childhood, it was great fun to take our kids around there!
First train ride!

Best face-paint ever! 

By the end of June, everyone was completely exhausted!

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