Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August 2015*

The highlight of August, for me, was how much the three kids have really started to play together. Dylan has been 'in the thick of things' since he could crawl. Now that he is walking, however, he is participating on a whole new level.

Hitching a ride

 We now take up an entire carousel row!

The girls have been enjoying the increased Dylan fun almost as much as he has. Noelle and Cora have been very sweet to each other, too. They have been giving many hugs and kisses, saying they missed each other when they were apart, etc. For example, Noelle was extremely supportive of Cora at Cora's annual checkup. She practiced with Cora all of the things the doctor would do; look in mouth & ears, measure height & weight, and discussed the dreaded shots. They practiced the Daniel Tiger approach to shots (close your eyes and think of something happy). It was adorable. At the checkup Noelle even sat next to Cora on the table... and Cora did great!

Keeping Cora company in the waiting room

Perhaps the most fun in August however, was a visit from Grandma & Grandpa Brock and Uncle David. Grandparents are always a favorite, but Uncle David had these three wrapped around his finger in record time!

Silly Uncle Dave

* This will hopefully be my last monthly summary as I intend to post weekly going forward.

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