Thursday, September 24, 2015

Catching Up with Friends

Over the 4th of July weekend some dear friends of ours, Arvind and Laura, visited with their two adorable kiddos and we all had a fantastic time hanging out together!

This is, admittedly, a much belated post. In addition to posting late, I'm stealing the photos here from Laura since every image she takes is so fantastic!

We first met Arvind and Laura in 2004 when Alex and I started work at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. None of us were married, we were all at the Bachelor Degree stage, and working our first jobs. Laura and I were office mates, classmates at Tufts (electrical engineering MS program) and fast friends. I believe Alex and Arvind originally bonded in the LL gym ;)

The past decade (more!) has taken all of us all over the country and to many different jobs. It is so wonderful, and rewarding, that we have maintained our friendships and now get together with our kids (5!) in tow. The last time we all got together Laura and I were just barely pregnant with the little guys, Dylan and Nikhil, so it was so fun to have them added into the mix this time!

Noelle & Dylan, with Nikhil photobombing in style

Good 'ole Scienecenter sand box

Noelle and Margot, captivated by Frozen

Laura & Lindsey

More Sciencenter fun

These two boys... we'll be in trouble the next time they're together!

Nikhil & Dylan; already fast friends

The Dads holding down the fort with the littles

Mr. Mischief
Our little lady

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