Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween (belated)!

Our kiddos had a fantastic Halloween week. I say week, instead of day, because they had many opportunities to wear their costumes and get candy!

First, Dylan and Cora went to a Halloween parade at Longview, an assisted living facility near us. I didn't think to take pictures, but they had a great time and earned the candy to prove it.

Next up was trick-or-treating at our local Wegman's. This event was total mayhem, and a bit much for Noelle, but the siren-song of treats soon overpowered her crowd apprehension!

Ready to grab their loot!

'Super Cora' and 'Monkey Dylan' didn't hold back at all, especially not with two Batmans to protect them!

Finally, the real deal arrived and we hit the streets of our neighborhood with some friends. It was fun to go in a bigger group and see neighbors we normally don't bump into.

Hitting up the neighbors

Here's a cute comparison of two-year-old Noelle and 18-month-old Dylan.

Who is the cutest monkey?

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